Proceeds from your certificate purchases are donated to help for the care of seriously injured and abused animals.

For more of the animals you have helped like us on facebook.

Here are some of the animals your records have helped.Steve Austin

Steve Austin found tied to a fence at an Elementary school, lying in a pool of blood emanating from his penis which was distended, bleeding badly and broken. Surgery required to make he a she.
Donation given $50 (1/10/14)


Joy is 6mo puppy, who was shot 3 times by a teen who jumped out of a car (possbily gang realted). Then her owners didn't want to get her medical help, now she is recoivering with a rescue after surgeries to her face and body.
Donation given $100 (12/21/13)

Genesis is a sweet girl with a horrible head and eye injury. She was found tied to a pole and left for dead. Donation given $100 (12/10/13)

-Used as a bait dog during a fighting dog auction in North Carolina, his lower lip almost torn off along with other injuries.
Donation given of $100 (12/01/13)

Halo-puppy with a severe head injury, when prepping him for the drain tube and x-rays, they found what appeared to be two puncture wounds. What they are in reality are entry wounds. He was shot in the head three times. He is about 5 months old and still has his baby canines.
Donation given of $50 (11/24/13)

Thank you for my surgery, look at my pretty cast

elmers cast
Elmer-He had a fracture caused by the bullet AND the bullet is still in his leg. He has had surgery and bolts in his leg. He is a Philadelphia dog. Donation given of $50 (11/22/13)


Amelie -unable to walk, but does have reflex activity in three legs. Despite her condition, Amelie is a very friendly girl who visibly relaxes when you pet her, gives kisses, and vocalizes to get your attention. Donation given of $100 (10/18/13)

gethtem home

Send them home- Thre rescues with homes in Canada needed to get from So Cal, with healthy papers to be adopted. Donation given of $150 (9/16/13)


RIP Joey- This poor dog was tied up on 96th St in Manhattan for hours. He was full of cancer and suffering. Our donation will be used to help others in need. Donation given of $100 (11/5/13)


Randy- I've torn both my ACLs being a 2yr old, active puppy. My mommy needs help raising the $3800 for my surgery, she doesn't want to part with me, but may have to if I can't have suregery soon...I have a lot of pain and it hurts her to see me like this. Thank you to all who donate.
Donate Here Donation given of $100 (8/14/13)


Max- I got out of the yard and when I came home, I wasn't eating. Why, because someone shot me and theres a bullet in my belly. Mommy can't afford my surgery, but thank you to all who donated. I will be able to be fixed up.
Donate Here Donation given of $75 (8/03/13)

- I was rescued from a shelter and the nice people noitced I wasn't feeling good. Their wuick action saved my life from bloat which usually kills dogs, help them with their $3,000 surgery bill
Donate Here Donation given of $50 (7/10/13)


BooBoo- I was shot and left to fend for himself. Torn up by other dogs because I can not use his Left Leg (it is dead). There is a large bullet lodged inside my leg just above the elbow, no muscle mass left and radial ulna nerve damage- Donate Here for BooBoo and others in need.
Donation given of $100 (7/09/13)


Kuperus - I was left abandoned, emaciated, and severely injured, fractured jaw with nine broken teeth, a stab or gunshot wound to the head causing an absess between my eyes - Donate Here
Donation given of $100 (7/08/13)


Axel - I was chained in a basement and never saw the light of day. When they found me, I was being eaten alive, to help Donate Here
Donation given of $50 (6/07/13)

help daddy

Daddy - I have Parvo, my family can't afford my care, so before I went to the shelter, nice people took me, to help Donate Here
Donation given of $25 (5/20/13)


Misty - Ravaged as a bait dog, this girl has many wounds including a gaping hole in her neck and has been battling infection. PowerPalooza 15 Donations given of $229 (4/17/13)


Hope - I am going to have surgery to repair a heart valve on 4/16. Thank you for helping with $50 donated (4/5/13)


Edward - Found by Animal Control on train tracks, front leg will be amputated, hip is fractured and will need time to recover.
$100 donated (3/29/13)

Peter Parker

Peter Parker - 10-12 week old pitbull puppy that was hit by a car in the city of Allentown, PA. Broken femur and ulna that will require an $800.00 surgery
$100 donated (3/27/13)


Jingles - campaigns/5RZPa
Found with my siblings on a back road nestled up to our deceased mother, my ulcerated eye needs to be removed to relieve my pain. I am mostly blind in my other eye. (3/5/13)
$50 donated to help with medical fees


Merle - #donate
I was found by animal control with my paw cut off, now my leg will be amputated. News Article (3/2/13)
$100 donated to help with medical fees

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