April is
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month

PowerPalooza 15
April 13 & 14, 2013

Donation Drive (Wish List) at

Holiday Inn Conference Center, York, PA

Also Funds raised will be donated to the Hospital Care for Misty


2012 Donations

Carnage 2012 Donations valued at $1000.
Your efforts in 2011 purchased 3 power washers for the kennels to aid in clenaing the stalls.
Prior to the purchase they had one unreliable washer to try to keep the entire shelter sanatized.


If you have been to Southside Iron, you may have already met the four pit bull mixes, Rutger, Kane, Mila, Nikita or Max that Gene & Ame have rescued from Philadelphia Shelters and other rescues.

Where pit bulls are the predominant breed in shelters, passed over for more favorable breeds, the PSPCA sees no difference in breed or species.

In an effort to assist the area shelters, we are asking for those lifting/attending PowerPalooza or even those passing on the street to bring one of the items below or make a small donation to help support the rescue and rehabilitation of abused, neglected and abandoned animals.

How could you say "No" to these cute faces?

Visit the PSPCA website to see 100s more faces, it makes "No" even harder.

We donate monies raised through "Love Four Paws", a charity set up to spend the funds for the direct benefit of the animals, not admistrative or human cost.

PSPCA Donation Items
Find it in your heart to bring one of these with you.
Many of these items go to help those who want to Foster but need assitance to afford the animals.

Gently Used Items
• Clean linens: towels, sheets and blankets
• Radios and CD players
• Humidifiers
• Crates and carriers of all sizes
Items Used by the Adoption Program
• Treats and toys for cats and dogs (no rawhide, please)
• Digital cameras with memory sticks/cards
• Metal food bowls: Small: .5-1 cup, Medium: 2-3 cups,
Large: 4.5-5 cups
• Metal litter pans approximately 12"L x 6"W x 2"D
• Heating lamps for reptile cages
• Cat condos
• Grooming dryers
Items Used for Adoption Events/Outreach
• Disposable litter pans and bowls
• Animal play yards (must be portable)
• Treats and toys for dogs and cats
Items Used by the Training & Animal Behavior Program
• Gentle Leaders (all sizes)
• Easy Walkers (all sizes)
• Flat buckle collars (all sizes)
• Basic dog harnesses (all sizes)
• Food puzzles: Busy Buddies and Buster Cubes
• KONG toys (especially Extreme KONGs in large sizes)
• Rhino toys
• Nylabone and Galileo Brand Bones
• Edible treats (no rawhide, please)