Last Man Standing

7 PM, September 7, 2012 • Ramada Plaza, Newark, NJ


Congratulation Lifters

lms rob
Ron Luyando - HW - $800

lms jason
Jay Frey - LW - $500

LMS Jeff
Jeff Johnston - LW $250

Joe Mazza - LW $150

Updated Rules for the 2nd installment:

Changes to the rules:
Bar weights: Heavyweights (221lbs & up) 700, 750, 800, 825, 850, 875, 900
Lightweights (220 and lower) 550, 580, 610, 640, 670, 700
You can have one missed attempt and retake the weight at the end of the round.

If it comes down to the last two lifters in a division, the last attempt will be open challenge decided on by the lifters. Singlets are to be worn. All RSP bench rules will apply.

To be eligible to participate, lifters must have had a successful competition bench of
750/600lbs within the 18 months prior to the event.

Questions? Contact Gene -

Online Entry Payment

Weight Class

The Beginng: Last Man Standing -
July 28, 2012 • Lancaster, PA


HW - $550 - Vincent Dizenzo - 850lb
Rob Luyando - 850lb
Tee Tee McCray - 800lb
Tone Barbaccio - 750lb
Travis Bell -750lb
Brandon Lilly - 700lb
Gene Rychlak Jr - 700lb

LW - $ 400 - Tim Hensley - 675lbs
Jeff Johnston - 675lbs
Josh Stottlemire - 650lbs

Please note, $650 of the prize money is being donated to the Special Olympics.

Condidionts of the First Last Man Standing

This is where it started - From Vincent Dizenzo - We (Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate) are throwing out a last man standing bench press challenge at the PA State Powerlifting Meet in Lancaster. We want to get multiply benching back at the Arnold and this is how we think we can do it. We need to put on a kick ass exhibition and show them what we are capable of.

The rules were simple. The bar will start at 700 lbs. for Heavyweights (221lbs & up) and 550 lbs for Lightweights (220 and lower) and jump 50/25 lbs. each round. You can have one missed attempt and retake the weight at the end of the round. Any ties go to the lighter lifter.

The entry fee for the exhibition will be $50, all of which will go into a pot for the winners heavy and light. I will even sweeten the offer with $250 of my own money for the Heavyweights and RPS is putting up $250 to start for the Lightweights.

This is by no means trying to replace standard powerlifting. We are simply trying to put on a crowd pleasing event where a lot of weight gets moved.